A Year in Review

A Year in Review

A Year in Review 2560 1700 Wolves Tech Aid

In March 2021 we officially launched Wolves Tech Aid in hopes to help the education of our younger generation. We wanted to give the children of our local area the facilities and technology needed to get the best education possible.

Due to the global pandemic, schools were closed and a lot of children’s schooling was shifted out of nowhere to online learning. This was a great way to keep everyone safe and allow the children to continue with their education. However, one downside to this was that many homes and parents don’t have access to WiFi, laptops, computers, etc. So some children were forced to miss out. This is where we step in.

Thanks to your kind help and support through social media engagements and your generous donations, we are proud to say that our first year has been a massive success and our aims have been reached. We have managed to donate technology to 7 different schools in the local area helping many children get the best education possible.

To everyone who liked, shared, commented, or viewed our social media content, Thank you.

To those who donated technology or money to refurbish used tech, you have helped a child in more ways than imaginable and played a vital role in their future. Thank you.