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First Financial Donation!

First Financial Donation! 1240 827 Wolves Tech Aid

Wolves Tech Aid is live and has already seen its first financial donation come in. The inaugural donation has come from Councillor Beverley Momenabadi, who is the Champion for Digital Innovation in Wolverhampton. Before the pandemic, Beverley had launched the Digital Infrastructure Strategy, for Wolverhampton, which aimed at tackling digital exclusion within the community, an…

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First IT Donation – It’s a whopper!

First IT Donation – It’s a whopper! 200 200 Wolves Tech Aid

A HUGE thank you to Qasim Majid of the Wow Group for the very generous inaugural donation of 20, yes, 20 fully-refurbished laptops to get the IT donations going. These laptops will go on to children and students across the Wolverhampton area, who are part of the tech divide exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Qasim…

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