First Financial Donation! 1240 827 Wolves Tech Aid

First Financial Donation!

Wolves Tech Aid is live, and it has already seen its first financial donation come in. The inaugural donation has come from Councillor Beverley Momenabadi, who is the Champion for Digital Innovation in Wolverhampton. Before the pandemic, Beverley had launched the Digital Infrastructure Strategy, for Wolverhampton, which aimed at tackling digital exclusion within the community, an issue she is passionate about. As the pandemic gained pace, so did the rollout of the strategy. Over the following months, it became clear that more and more children and students were becoming increasingly marginalised due to a lack of technology that would allow them to continue to access their education.

Beverley believes that Wolves Tech Aid has the added bonus of supporting the cities Green initiative, as residents and businesses within the borough donate their unused technology to be refurbished and recycled, helping to save the planet, alongside the futures of so many children.

I’m so grateful to LearnPlay Foundation, Pat McFadden MP and the partners involved in making sure that people in this city get connected and have access to fair opportunities.

With the potential of more and more children becoming at risk due to the impact of coronavirus, it has never been more important to bridge the digital and technical divide in Wolverhampton and to give every child and school child, a chance at a proper education.

First IT Donation – It’s a whopper! 1240 827 Wolves Tech Aid

First IT Donation – It’s a whopper!

A HUGE thank you to Qasim Majid of the Wow Group for the very generous inaugural donation of 20, yes, 20 fully-refurbished laptops to get the IT donations going. These laptops will go on to children and students across the Wolverhampton area, who are part of the tech divide exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Qasim has worked with technology for 20 years and has seen what it can do for, not only businesses, but for an individual.

It is important that all children get equal access to connectivity and technology because technology is an integral part of the society, we live in. What is important is education, and no child should be excluded because they don’t have access to technology or connectivity.

I would like the legacy of Wolves Tech Aid to be for a child to say that because of Wolves Tech Aid, I’ve been able to go on, get good grades and I now have a bright future ahead of me.

Thanks to Qasim and his generous donation, Wolves Tech Aid is now one step closer to making that legacy a reality for all those students whose education has been affected by the pandemic. Search our website to find out where these laptops will go.